Testimony Short Films

Hanukkah 2015 / 5776

In honour of the festival of lights, the Neuberger presents 8 short films. Debuting on our social media accounts daily, watch them to hear stories of liberation, renewal of life, and rebirth in the aftermath of one of the darkest periods in human history. One for each candle and day of Hanukkah, the films highlight the voices of Holocaust survivor speakers as they share their memories, hope for the future and belief in the power of education and remembrance.
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Watch Candle #8: Nate Leipciger

"You have to do something, you have to warn the world that what happened can happen again ... it can happen anytime to anyone." - Nate Leipciger 

HEW 2015 Series: Nate Leipciger from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch Candle #7: Judy Lysy

“I came to Canada, and I came to a free country, a country where my husband could do what he liked to do, where I could raise my children in peace - it meant everything for me.” - Judy Lysy

HEW 2015 Series: Judy Lysy from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch candle #6: Pinchas Gutter

“If you do not know history, you cannot create a better future. The Holocaust was such an unbelievably horrific world experience that it has to be taught... I feel that it is actually my duty to go ahead and talk about what happened and at the same time give people hope that it should not happen and that the world can be made a better place.” - Pinchas Gutter

HEW 2015 Series: Pinchas Gutter from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch Candle #5: Judy Cohen

"We started to cry and embrace each other and we said, 'it's impossible, the war must be over...' It was May 5, 1945 - a beautiful, sunny Saturday." - Judy Cohen

HEW 2015 Series: Judy Cohen from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch candle #4: Max Eisen

"I've lived under fascism, under Nazism and communism where I had no freedom, so... there is no other country like Canada and we need to stand up and guard this freedom that we have here." - Max Eisen

HEW 2015 Series: Max Eisen from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch candle #3: Anita Ekstein

"My real liberation happened in 1946 when I was reunited with my aunt. Then I could say, I'm Jewish and my name is Anita Helfgott." - Anita Ekstein

HEW 2015 Series: Anita Ekstein from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch Candle # 2: Bill Glied

 "I am the proud grandfather of 8 grandchildren who will hopefully make a mark on this country and in life." - Bill Glied

HEW 2015 Series: Bill Glied from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

Watch Candle #1: Rose Lipszyc

“I am very grateful to this country that I am able to live in freedom and in peace.” - Rose Lipszyc

Remembrance Day 2015

Watch one short film featuring Holocaust survivor and liberator Martin Maxwell in honour of Remembrance Day.

HEW 2015 Series: Martin Maxwell from Neuberger Holocaust Centre on Vimeo.

HEW 2015

Watch one short film featuring Yael Spier Cohen, a Holocaust survivor speaker, reflecting on her liberation experience and immigration and renewal in Canada. Part of the HEW 2015 short film series, on view at select testimony presentations and online soon!

HEW Series 2015: Yael Cohen from Holocaust Education Week 2015 on Vimeo.


2015 marks the 70th anniversary of liberation and the end of the Second World War. As time passes and survivors of the Holocaust continue to age, we place an increased importance on recorded testimony as a way to connect future generations to the firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors.

In honour of this year’s Holocaust Education Week theme, “Liberation: Aftermath & Rebirth,” the Neuberger created a series of short videos outlining survivors’ stories of liberation, immigration to Canada, and their reestablishment of life. The clips highlight their diverse experiences while illustrating their strength, resilience and perseverance. Together with Toronto-based videographer and director Matthew Shoychet (Shoy Pictures), the Neuberger created 20 short films that will be used during this year’s HEW, and in future programming in the museum. 

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