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Informative texts for further study about the Holocaust and contemporary pedagogical issues.

Holocaust Education in Pedagogy, History and Practice 

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UNESCO's Guide - Why Teach the Holocaust

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Education Articles

A selection of articles on educational activities and interests from Carson Phillips at the Neuberger.

Literary & Film Reviews

David Cesarani: Striped Pyjamas. Literary Review (10/08).

Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf (1931). World Film Locations, Berlin. (Bristol: Intellect Books, 2012).

Olympia Part One: Festival of the Nations (1938). World Film Locations, Berlin. (Bristol: Intellect Books, 2012).

Education Articles

Incorporating Apps Into Holocaust Education - Prism, Spring 2015, Vol. 7

The Legacy of Hartheim: A Prelude to Teaching About the Holocaust - Prism, Spring 2014 Vol. 6

What Books Shall We Choose for Our Children? A Selective, Annotated Guide to 30 Years of Holocaust Narratives for Students in Grades Four Through Eight - Prism, Spring 2014 Vol. 6

Using Archival Documents, Memoir, and Testimony to Teach About Jewish Families During and After the Holocaust - Prism, Spring 2011 Vol. 3

Auguststrasse 25, An Experiential Memorial: Teaching About Jewish Family Life in Pre-Holocaust Germany - Prism, Spring 2011 Vol. 3

Willy Fick: The Metaphoric Language and Art of Dissent - Prism, Spring 2010 Vol. 1, Issue 2

The Dissenting Art of Willy Fick - Essay from Exhibition Catalogue (out of print), 2008

The Layering of Knowledge, Memory, and Understanding: Using Berlin’s “Places of Remembrance” Memorial to Teach About the Holocaust - Prism, Spring 2010 Vol. 1, Issue 2

Stockholm Declaration

When Canada joined the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research (ITF), it signed the below declaration and is committed to working towards the fulfillment of the aims and goals of the document. Canada officially became a member in 2009 and chaired the ITF in 2013.