Educators & Students

The Neuberger offers a variety of specialized programs for both educators and students.

For Students

Every year, we inspire thousands of students through encounters with Holocaust survivors, either in our museum, or during offsite education programming during workshops, symposia and Holocaust Education Week.

Our High School Symposium on the Holocaust recently ran for the 36th year; we now offer a Middle School Symposium.

We also provide high schools with Educational Resource Trunks which contain books, films, lesson plans, maps, and artefact kits.

Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah of Remembrance is a highlight for Jewish youth coming of age who are interested in learning about the Holocaust.

For Educators

For advanced training, we offer seminars on how to teach the Holocaust as well as educator study tours.

Neuberger’s Teacher Candidate Development Workshops reach 1,000 teacher candidates and graduate students across Ontario (plus 1,000 more across Canada through a special grant). Moreover, we provide outreach to school boards, faculties of education, and regional communities.