Holocaust Education Week

Welcome to Holocaust Education Week 2014

2-9 November

 We invite all to participate in HEW 2014. Full program online September 29 and in participating synagogues in the GTA during the High Holidays. Program guides available everywhere September 29.

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1. Traitorous cooperation with an enemy

2. The action of working with someone  

Exploring the theme of Collaboration, the 34th annual Holocaust Education Week will run from November 2-9, culminating in a commemoration of the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass (November 9-10, 1938). HEW 2014 will contribute to our collective understanding of the Holocaust by exploring the theme via new scholarship, engaging in cultural and literary analysis, and providing an inquiry-based learning medium for new generations to hear firsthand accounts from those who survived the Holocaust.

The Theme: Collaboration

HEW 2014 will explore distinct ways in which individuals and groups participated in and responded to the persecution and genocide by the Nazi regime. Collaboration serves as a prism for understanding the breadth and depth of human and institutional responses to the rise of National Socialism and the events of the Holocaust. 

HEW 2014 seeks to explore all aspects of the term collaboration – the positive as well as the negative connotations, thereby creating an arc of human experiences ranging from those who purposely chose to collaborate with the Nazis in achieving their genocidal goals, to those who defied the tide of destruction and refused to cooperate with the aims and actions of the Nazis. This prism will guide the curatorial process for program selection for HEW 2014.  

During the National Socialist era, German authorities also targeted other groups because of their perceived "racial inferiority:" Roma and Sinti (Gypsies), the disabled, and some of the Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds, among them Communists, Socialists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals. HEW 2014 is an inclusive week of programming that aims to educate about the variety of aspects and implications of the Holocaust, its victims, survivors and legacies. 

HEW welcomes new as well as established scholarship, testimony, artistic, literary and cultural interpretations that reveal, interpret and contextualize the theme of CollaborationHEW 2014 will provide a forum for dialogue and new understanding about both the particular and the universal in the legacies of the Holocaust.

HEW Leadership

2014 Co-Chairs
Eric Cohen
Dori Ekstein 

Doris Bergen 
Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto

Martin Hagmayr
Schloss Hartheim Memorial and Education Centre, Austria

Bernice Eisenstein 

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