Holocaust Education Week

Thank you for joining us for Holocaust Education Week 2014

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We thank all participants, presenters, partners, donors and volunteers for helping to create a meaningful and inspiring week of educational and commemorative programs.

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About #HEW2014

Holocaust Education Week 2014 explored the distinct ways in which individuals, groups and governments collaborated during the Shoah. This inclusive program addressed many forms of collaboration: from the experiences of those who purposely chose to collaborate with the Nazis in genocide and crimes against humanity—precipitating events such as Kristallnacht and the Hungarian deportations—to those who defied the Nazis and collaborated instead in resistance and even rescue, as in the Kindertransport, and by those now designated as Righteous Among the Nations. Collaboration served as a prism for examining the breadth and depth of human and institutional responses to the rise of National Socialism and the events of the Holocaust. Read our Assistant Director's essay on teaching about collaboration.

HEW 2014 was proud to feature a group of outstanding experts-in-residence. Our scholar is Professor Doris Bergen of the University of Toronto, whose essay provides an overview of the theme; educator is Martin Hagmayr of the Pedagogical Department, Hartheim Castle, where medical professionals and ordinary clerks collaborated to murder the most vulnerable in society through the notorious Nazi T4 program; and artist is Bernice Eisenstein, whose poignant word-image compositions grace our HEW 2014 material—nearly deceptive in their subtlety, these illustrations resonate with multiple meanings.

HEW Leadership

2014 Co-Chairs
Eric Cohen
Dori Ekstein 

Doris Bergen 
Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto

Martin Hagmayr
Schloss Hartheim Memorial and Education Centre, Austria

Bernice Eisenstein 

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