The Future of Memory

36th Annual Neuberger Holocaust Education Week: November 2-9, 2016

HEW-2016-Future-of-MemorySeventy years after liberation, Holocaust memorialization and education enters a new era. Over the course of three generations, a massive field of testimony, documentation and interpretation has grown around the Shoah, and the question is now being asked, “How will it be remembered in the future?” Holocaust Education Week 2016 addresses this challenge with the theme: the Future of Memory.

Neuberger HEW 2016 will feature testimony, academic and cultural programs that explore the future of Holocaust memory. Whether through dialogue, film, literature, art or new historical and contextual analysis, understanding how the Holocaust is remembered in popular culture, artistic practice and the academic sphere will be of increasing relevance to the future of Holocaust studies and remembrance.

Central to the exploration of the theme is to shed light on new and innovative technologies being developed, implemented, and/or planned. Developments in new media will be at the forefront of how future generations perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust for example through digital recordings, apps, and interactive technologies unimagined even a few years ago, and new innovations unimagined yet.

A core educational goal of Neuberger HEW is to provide students and schools with opportunities to learn from first-person testimony of Holocaust survivors. This generation of students will be the last to experience the personal accounts of those who survived the Holocaust. While the future of testimony may rest with recorded testimony, oral and written memoirs, in addition to new technological methods, Neuberger HEW is proud to offer first-person testimony by Holocaust survivor speakers for as long as possible. And it is to the survivors, with gratitude and respect, that we dedicate the Future of Memory.