Holocaust Survivor Speakers

The Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre gratefully acknowledges members of the Survivor Speakers' Bureau for their inspired contributions to Holocaust education.

The Neuberger is proud to have a robust survivor speakers' bureau. The personal testimony of survivor speakers provide an important personal connection to history for students and teachers learning about the Holocaust. Personal testimony complements the historical learning that our museum artefact collection provides and the moral issues addressed by our thematic films.

Survivor speaker presentations are provided in a dialogue-friendly format we call "In Conversation" which encourages questions and discussion.

Survivor Speakers 2015

Representatives of the Neuberger's Holocaust Survivor Speakers' Bureau, 2015. Photo: Elliot Sylman.

Amek A. Adler - Claire Baum - George Berman - Hedy Bohm - Felicia Carmelly - Howard Chandler 
Judy Cohen - Anne Eidlitz - Alexander Eisen - Max Eisen - Anita Ekstein - Esther Fairbloom - Shary Fine
Edward Fisch - George Fox - Miriam Frankel - Gerda Frieberg - Rosalind Goldenberg
Edith Gelbard - Bill Glied - Mel Goldberg - Mendel Good - Elly Gotz - Pinchas Gutter - Denise Hans
Magda Hilf - Lou (Leizer) Hoffer - Jerry Kapelus - Howard & Nancy Kleinberg - Mark Lane - Manny Langer
Joe Leinburd - Nathan Leipciger - Faigie Libman - Rose Lipszyc - Judy Lysy 
Martin Maxwell - Eva Meisels - Leslie Meisels - Andy Réti - Sally Rosen 
Vera Schiff - Faye Schulman - Helen Schwartz - George Scott - Leonard Vis
Lenka Weksberg - 
Gershon Willinger - Helen Yermus - Roman Ziegler

To read a short bio for each of the members of our Holocaust Survivor Speakers' Bureau, click here.

Holocaust survivor speakersRepresentatives of the Neuberger’s Survivor Speakers’ Bureau, 2010. Image courtesy Sylman Photography.