Teaching Trunks

Teaching Trunk Program for Middle and High School Classes

The Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre invite teachers and educators to use our comprehensive resource trunks to assist them in teaching the Holocaust in the classroom. These large, durable teaching trunks are designed to accommodate the needs of one class or even a team of teachers.

The content of each resource trunk has been carefully selected to create an engaging and pedagogically sound approach to teaching the Holocaust.

Our resource trunks are available to borrow for free for up to 6 weeks for middle and high schools. Reservations for the trunks are strongly encouraged.

Two teaching trunks have been developed for teaching about the Holocaust through the generous support of the Brass and Englishman Families, in memory of their beloved parents, Michael and Rita Englishman.

Our resource trunks have the following emphasis:

Comprehensive Trunk: Focuses on providing educators and students with essential elements for studying the Holocaust. Includes materials designed to provide historical, geographical and literary perspectives. Additional material on genocide is also included. The trunk examines the bystander, perpetrator, victim, and rescuer, and how their choices affected their lives and the lives of others.

For a complete contents list, click here.

Language Arts: Focuses on providing educators and students with specific materials for studying the Holocaust from the lenses of language arts, memoir and human behavior. Ideally suited for teachers of English, English Language Development, Writers Craft, and other courses where memoirs, diaries, and biographies provide the human connection to historical events.

For a complete contents list, click here.

To reserve a teaching trunk, please contact Anna Skorupsky at askorupsky@ujafed.org.

To enquire about customizing or increasing the quantity of resource material in a trunk you are interested in reserving, please contact the office at 416.631.5689.

N.B. The resource is available for borrowing free of charge. Borrowers are responsible for arranging pick-up and delivering arrangements. Borrowers may keep the trunk up to 6 weeks and are expected to maintain quality control over materials.